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Online Options For Ivy League Degree

Which Ivy League Universities offer Online Degree?

Degrees that are given from Ivy League Universities have particular regard in most professional worlds. So, getting a degree from one of these schools may open you more opportunities. However, if you have limited access to traditional education in person, limited time, or special reasons to prefer distant education, you may want to get such a degree through an online program. Which brings us to the main question; Which Ivy League Universities offer Online Degree?

In this article, we are going to look at the Ivy League Universities that offer their degrees through their online colleges. Let’s see your options here.

Ivy League Universities with Online College options

When it comes to online colleges, Ivy League Universities meet certain quality and, and most of them offer degrees that you can get through online education.

Down here, you can read a quick overview of the degree options from Harvard University, Dartmouth College, Columbia University, Brown University, and Cornell University.


Harvard University

Harvard University is, without a doubt, quite well-known. But what most people don’t know is that Harvard also offers online college degrees. A division of the school, the Harvard Extension School offers many certificates and degrees for students who complete its online programs.

The certificate programs of Harvard Extension School are open for you to enroll in without any application process. These programs include many high-profile subjects such as Cybersecurity, Nonprofit Management, Green Building and Sustainability, Marketing Management, Software Engineering, Legal Studies, Business Communication, Nanotechnology, and Data Science.

When it comes to degree offerings, Harvard Extension School offers a Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree program and a Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies program. Both of these programs require students to complete four courses on campus before they move on the online education. Bachelor’s degree students also need to get an A or B in these four courses. After this, students can complete their education completely online.


Brown University

Other than the many online pre-college courses it offers, Brown University also offers graduate degrees for professionals. The online degree offerings of Brown University include two programs. Both of these online degree programs involve both online courses and in-person meetings.

One of these programs is a Master of Business Administration program that they created with IE Business School. Through this program, you can get an Executive MBA degree, which is a joint degree from both schools. This degree is called IE Brown Executive MBA. And the program covers human sciences and innovative technics along with business studies through 15 months of education time.

The other option is the Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership degree. This program takes 16 months to complete. Through this education, classes meet and interact multiple times and gain experiences.


Columbia University

Columbia University offers many well-regarded certificate programs through its online education platform that is provided through its Teacher’s College. These programs include Teaching and Learning with Technology, Designing Interactive Multimedia Instruction, as well as Cognition and Technology Certificate programs.

Other than these programs, Columbia University Teacher’s College also offers some Master’s degrees through online education. These degree offerings include their M.A. in Education in Computing degree and their M.S in Diabetes Education and Management. While the M.A. in Education in Computing program teaches advanced methods of working with the latest technologies in education, The M.S in Diabetes Education and Management program delves into the advanced skills that health care workers may need for educating others and helping patients who suffer from this particular problem.

Columbia University also offers engineering degrees through its special platform called Columbia Video Network. This platform allows students to get engineering degrees completely through online courses while also providing them the full ability to reach professors and get help for their problems. The degree offerings of Columbia Video Network include P.D. in Mechanical Engineering. P.D. in Electrical Engineering, P.D. in Computer Science, M.S. in Computer Science, M.S. in Electrical Engineering, M.S. in Materials Science, M.S. in Engineering and Management Systems, and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering.


Dartmouth College

Dartmouth College is among the school that offers online degree programs that require a low amount of attendance. The first online degree program of the school is the Master of Health Care Delivery Science program. As a joint program, this education involves courses for the skills that current and future leaders in the health care fields will need.

Similarly, the school offers an Online/On-Campus Hybrid Masters’s in Public Health degree program as well. This program takes two years to complete, like traditional master’s degree programs. However, the students of this program complete a large portion of the courses online.

Dartmouth College also offers a professional certificate program that is completely online. This program includes courses such as Shared Decision Making in Patient-Centered Care, Informatics for Value-Based Health Care, Organizational Ethics, Health Care Finance, Quality by Design, and Understanding the Implications of Variation.


Cornell University

Although it doesn’t offer an online degree, Cornell University offers its well-known quality of education for online students through its online college platform named eCornell for certificate programs. The education on this platform is fully online and allows you to get various certificates upon completion.

The courses that are available at “eCornell” include subjects like Human Resources Management, Finance and Managerial Accounting,
Management Essentials, Healthcare, Product Leadership, and Systems Design, Marketing, Leadership, Strategic Management, Plant-Based Nutrition, Sales Leadership, and Hospitality and Food Services Management. Students of “eCornell” can study these courses asynchronously. However, each course has a time window for completion.

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