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Harvard University Online Certificate Programs

Get an Online Certificate From Harvard University

As one of the most famous universities in the world, Harvard University needs no introduction. While almost everyone sees the degrees and certificates given by Harvard as highly valuable, most people do not know that you can also get certificates from Harvard without going to the school’s campus or dealing with any application process.

In this article, we will look into how you can get a certificate from Harvard through its online college platform. You can use this opportunity to learn new skills while also making your resume more impressive.

Harvard Online Certificate Programs

Harvard University offers online education options through its Harvard Extension School. This school is a part of Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education. And it allows students to earn well-regarded Harvard degrees or certificates through the internet.


The education available through Harvard Extension School is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. While the online courses are available individually if you just want to learn new skills. You can also enroll in a certificate program.

While some programs of Harvard Extension School require a certain amount of on-campus attendance in some courses along with online courses, there are also many programs that can be completed completely online without going to any campus in person. The Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree programs, that are available through this school, require to take four courses on campus to start. However, you can complete some certificate programs such as Citation in Web Technologies and Applications, Certificate in Environmental Management, Citation in East Asian Studies, or Certificate in Applied Sciences, only through the internet. You can check currently available certificate programs by visiting the school links, and seeing the details of attendance requirements.


Admission Requirements For Harvard Online Certificate Programs

Unlike the traditional degree programs of Harvard, these online certificate programs do not have any application process and hard eligibility criteria. And, as long as you take 5 classes, you can earn a certificate.

Of course, typically the available programs of the Harvard Extension School are designed for graduate students. This creates a requirement by itself. Also, as you can imagine the courses in these programs are given in English and students will need to be able to understand and use English well enough to complete these courses. Other than these, the only thing that students may need to consider is the cost.

The cost of earning an online certificate from Harvard depends on the programs and the education level. For the graduate level, the tuition cost per course is around 1900 US Dollars. For undergraduates, the same cost is a thousand dollars higher. Of course, these numbers may change every year. And you can check the current costs through the school link on this page again. Remember that you also need to check how many courses you need to take to earn the certificate you want, and multiply the tuition cost per course by this number.

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