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Tuition-Based Private Online K12 Schools and Courses

All students who study between kindergarten to 12th grade are K12 students. Normally these students need to get their education from a certified school. But not all students can go to school buildings in person, or they may not fit among the other students in their class.

K12 online schools can offer students a way to complete their education without needing to go to any school building. These online schools help students and families who may need to stay home or require special attention.

Online Private K12 Schools

These days there are many online private schools that offer K12 education. The education of these online schools is fully accredited. So they offer full benefits of K12 education.

The education of these online schools can be available full-time or part-time. With both enrollment types, there are certified teachers who will help students and ensure that the content of the curriculum fits the needs of the students. The curriculum of these schools can be organized specifically for each student, so having such support matters a lot.

Of course, as these schools meet requirements for the education standards, online private K12 schools offer a chance to earn diplomas when students complete their education as well. This gives families the best way for homeschooling.

Here we are looking at some of the top-rated tuition-based K12 online schools. You can see three private K12 online schools.


K12 International Academy

K12 International Academy offers countless students all around the world a high-quality online education for all K12 grades. The school features a highly interactive education which is also supported by many skilled teachers, counselors, and advisers. They also offer career planning services and opportunities for finding paid scholarship programs.


The Keystone School

The Keystone School is another private online school that offers education for all K12 grades. This school is especially good for students who need more flexible options. There are near 200 courses which students can complete at their own pace. There are many electives and language courses to choose from. Also, Keystone offers adults who don’t have a high school diploma an opportunity to get their diploma online too.


The George Washington University Online High School

The George Washington University Online High School is an online K12 school which is also connected to The George Washington University. The online school offers an education which can be personalized based on each student’s needs. There is also many teachers and counselors of the school, who can offer personal support and help.


Individual K12 Courses and Programs

For students who needs to learn new skills or improve their grades, there are also many individual courses and programs to purchase. These courses are not only useful for helping studies, but they can be used for designing a personalized curriculum for a homeschooling student as well. You can find these course options through the K12 Courses website.