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State-by-State List of Free Online Public Schools

Which States Offers Public Online Schools?

Although some people may not know this, some of our states have online public schools that provide students an opportunity to get their graduations through the internet. Students can complete their education completely online thanks to these programs. Moreover, these online public schools offer the benefits of distant education free of charge.

In this article, we are looking at which states have such online public schools that are available free of charge. Without further ado, let’s get into our list.


The state of Alabama allows any high school student to get their electives or Advanced Placement classes online even though those classes are not available in their local schools.


Arizona provides students with both online lessons that can be used along with traditional school education and complete online education that offer a high school diploma.


The state of Arkansas houses multiple free online schools such as Arkansas Virtual Academy that offer complete K-12 level high school education with a diploma upon completion.


California offers students free public online options that they can choose instead of traditional schools, not only for high school level but lower levels too.


The state of Colorado provides options for online public schools as well as charter alternatives as well.


The state of Florida houses multiple online charter schools that meet K-12 standards like Connections Academy.


Georgia allows students to complete their education through one of the state’s various high-quality online charter schools.


The state of Hawaii provides its students with options for access to high-quality education through multiple online charter schools.


Chicago a state that takes its online education support one step further by, besides having multiple online charter schools, providing computers to the students who need it.


The state of Indiana has multiple options for free of charge online charter schools too.


Michigan is among the states that have the largest number of free online schools that serve many levels of education.


The state of Mississippi lets the students who are in between sixth and twelveth grades to study in its free online school.


Rather than an open online school, Missouri provides the students in the state online courses which they can use to study.

North Carolina

The state of North Carolina offers several online public schools as well as online charter schools. In fact, one of the biggest online public schools is houses in this state.


Ohio is another state that offers both complete online schools and supportive online content for traditional school studies for free.


In Oklahoma, students of charter schools can complete their educations through online education.


The state of Oregon allows students to choose traditional or online education options. Some schools can even provide a computer to their students.

South Carolina

South Carolina offers students several online education opportunities. They are tuition-free and provide technical assistance to students in need.


The state of Texas allows students to complete their education in online schools that meet state regulations.


Utah has multiple regulated online schools that students can choose to study as well.


The state of Washington, like many others, allows the student to complete high school education through available online public schools. But there are also online courses available which they can use just for studying for their traditional schools.

West Virginia

Although it doesn’t diploma offering have online education option, West Virginia provides its students with online study contents to help them.


Wisconsin was among the pioneering states that provide students online education options. The state lets students study in available online schools, including the free ones.