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Increasing Popularity of Online Degrees

Online Degrees Gains More Recognition

In the past, online education was regarded as inferior to traditional education. It was considered as if getting a degree online is not as good as getting it through on-campus courses. However, while in some cases on-campus education can offer first-hand experiences, in most fields online courses have more advantages. And it seems like, in recent years, more people noticed these advantages too. Every year more universities join the schools that offer online degrees and certificate programs. And the number of online students continues to grow.

In this article, we will look into the increasing popularity of online degrees. And we will talk about the possible reasons for this increase. Let’s get into it.

Increasing Popularity of Online Degrees

Perhaps the first possible factor which helped online education to become more recognized by more people is the increase in the number of respected, well-known schools that established online degree programs. Well-regarded schools such as Howard, most other Ivy League schools, MIT, Stanford, or Georgetown accepted online education movement and started their partially or fully online programs in the last decade. Although mostly they offer certificates through online courses, some of these schools also offer bachelor’s or master’s degrees through their online education as well.

As people see such leading schools giving degrees and certificates through online education, they started to respect online degrees more in parallel with their respect towards those schools. The prestigious school typically reflects the education quality they are known for in online education too.

So, even the people who still see degrees that were earned online as lesser than traditionally earned ones from the same school, mostly they still think an online degree from a prestigious school is better than a degree from an unknown school. And this helps the overall acceptance of online education.

Another huge factor that helps online education to become more acceptable in place of on-campus education is, of course, the development of information and communication technologies. While in the past, a decent internet connection was not something that people usually have access to in their houses, nowadays most people cannot imagine their life without the internet. Online video and audio streaming technologies developed to such a point that many people replaced their old distant communication methods with online video calls, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, or at least instant messaging applications.

Of course, these technologies made teaching environments of online degrees much better, but also people got used to the idea of getting information through the internet and interacting through technological devices. So, it got natural enough to become non-distracting for most people. This is actually an important factor that made most schools adopt online education methods.

And we should also mention that, because of the modern lifestyle and work-life conditions, traditional education become more difficult to consider for many people. They either don’t have enough time or enough money to enroll in a school away from their home or workplace. But online degrees typically cost cheaper to earn and on top of the time you can save from not traveling, you can also adjust your learning pace based on your liking or time windows. Some online degree programs allow students to follow courses asynchronously, some offer options to tailor the most convenient scheduling. So, online degrees present a solution for people with limited options.

As the nature of online education allows people to save the time and money they would spend with commuting or housing for going to traditional education, not only the people with limited options but the people just want to benefit from these advantages supported the movement as well. As long as the education quality and the benefits of online degrees can match up to traditional counterparts, no one wants to waste their money or time which they can use for other things after they got their education.

Considering these factors and the other advantages of online degrees, it increases in their popularity seems more understandable. If you want to read about the other advantages of online education, you can take look at our articles where we talk about such benefits. If you are considering getting such an education, you can also check our reviews for the top online colleges to find fitting options. We share these articles and reviews on social media too, so you can follow us for them as well.